Seresto Cat Collar Reviews

Dealing with fleas is not an easy task. These little creatures are fierce and have a long, four stages cycle of life. Also, locating them is hard as they are quite smart and can conceal themselves well. Hence, it becomes a severe problem for many cat owners.

Luckily, a genius has invented the Seresto cat collars to help the cat owner deal with fleas and ticks. This cat collar can repel fleas for eight months regardless of their age, weight, or breed.

For kittens ten weeks and older, the collar can kill the fleas, ticks, and larvae effectively.

You don’t just buy the first Seresto cat collar you find online or in a pet store. Before purchasing the collar, there are factors that you need to consider. Hence, continue reading and find out what these factors are. Included also in this article are two of the best Seresto cat collar reviews it will help you to consider buying.

2 Seresto Cat Collar Reviews 2021

Our Top Pick

Bayer 3PACK Seresto Flea Tick Collar for Cats

Bayer 3PACK Seresto Cat Collar

Bayer’s Seresto Tick and Flea Collar is a simple-to-use flea collar that performs well. It keeps your pet cat safe from tick and flea for eight months. This collar provides continued prevention against fleas.

With the Seresto collar, you will not just eliminate the ticks and fleas. It can repel the ticks before biting your cat. It safeguards your pet from illnesses the parasites may spread.

This Seresto collar contains two energetic ingredients, imidacloprid, and flumethrin that provides double action protection against these parasites. These active ingredients are added in lower doses into the Sereto’s plastic matrix.

They are then launched from the matrix and absorbed on the fatty layer of the cat’s skin and hair. The active ingredients are scattered over the cat’s entire body surface area to protect the feline.

If you are looking for the fastest way to get rid of the flea, this flea kitty collar from Bayer is your best solution. The brand’s innovative sustained release technology provides the best protection in a non-greasy collar. It is one of the unique techniques for your cat.

The collar is odorless, non-greasy, and very convenient. Veterinarians highly recommend this cat collar by Bayer.

Our Pick

Seresto Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats, 8-Month Flea Collar for Cats

Seresto Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

The Seresto collar for cats repels and kills ticks and fleas by simple contact. But with Bayer Seresto Cat Collar, the ticks and fleas don’t need to bite and suck blood to be eliminated.

It may look like an ordinary collar, but it is not. This collar contains two active components namely flumethrin and imidacloprid. The ingredients are released on low doses and distributed throughout your cat’s skin and fur. Your cat’s skin has an invisible layer of protection, eliminating fleas and ticks once they come in contact with the feline.

Bayer Seresto Collar is odorless and non-greasy. It provides continued protection for eight months. Since the Soresto collar does not interfere with your cat’s tag, wearing them at the same time is possible.

Bayer’s Seresto Collar has a ratchet release mechanism and predetermined breaking point. For cats that are not comfortable in taking pills or having topical on their skin, Seresto is a good option.

Seresto collar is easy to use. Remove the collar from the pouch as well as the remaining plastic connectors inside the collar. Place the collar around your pet’s neck and connect the two ends. If the collar is too long for your cat, you can cut the extra length. Make sure you leave around 2 cm on the loose end beyond the other loop.

The collar should be neither too loose nor too tight. Ideally, the right fit is when you can place your two fingers between the collar and the cat’s neck.

Benefits of Using Seresto Cat Collar

Discussed below are Seresto Cat Collar’s benefits and how helpful it is in getting rid of the parasites:

Long-Lasting Collar

The cat collars are reliable and durable that it can last longer. One brand has manufactured a Seresto collar that usually lasts for eight months. None of its competitors have come close to this reliable and long-lasting brand.

Active Ingredients

The ingredients used in this collar are flumethrin and imidacloprid.  These components are very useful in driving the fleas and ticks away.  The collar releases these substances from the cat’s body. Imidacloprid is an excellent repellent for fleas, and it can kill them eventually. Similarly, the flumethrin does the same with the ticks.

Easy to Use

The collar is easy to use.  It is placed gently around your cat’s neck and pulls until you heard a clicking sound. The sound is a signal that the collar is safely in place around the neck.

No Mess

The ointments have a distinctly unpleasant smell, and it stays on the cat fur. Soreste cat collar does not have this weird odor and not greasy. Thus, many cat owners prefer to use the cat collar instead of ointment.

Side Effect Of Seresto Cat Collar

Just like all the products in the market, Seresto cat collar has some drawbacks. The collar is recommended to all cats, but not all can wear it. Also, some cats are allergic to the collar. These cats are either allergic allergic to the ingredients, or the material used does not suit the cat.

Aside from that, there are no other drawbacks. The collar is very helpful for most cats and kittens.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Seresto Cat Collar

When choosing a Seresto cat collar, there are things you need to consider before buying:


There are various types of flea cat collars that you can choose from. Each type is classified according to its ingredients.


This type of cat collar that contains essential oils and herbs. It is safe for both the cat and the owner, as it is environmentally friendly.


The main component of this type of cat collar is a pesticide that can kill all kinds of fleas and ticks but safe for your felines.


This type of collar uses ultrasound waves to disturb the parasites and makes them uneasy. However, this is quite expensive.

Construction and Design

Most cat collars have plastic-design and are infused with the substance. It is essential to ensure the collar is well-fitted to your cat regardless of what type you buy.


Choose a collar that will fit your feline perfectly. You can choose a bigger collar size for adult cats and a smaller one for your kittens.

Performance and Ease of Use

Most of the kitten’s collar is available in a standard size. While for adults, you have to use the longest one. Also, collars for cats are very comfortable. But some may tend to pose potential injury or issues such as hair loss. This is a vital feature that you need to watch out.


A good cat collar is easy to adjust. You can find a one size fits all solution, while while some offer multiple sizes. This is an essential feature since cats are not the same.


Cats may tend to go out in the rain and might jump into the water, so you need to choose a waterproof collar.

Safety Features

One of the primary concerns of cat owners is the health of their beloved feline. Hence, it is essential to consider the safety features of the collar before buying. Some brands contain chemicals that could kill ticks and fleas. Search for a non-toxic flea collar to prevent allergies, as well as other unwanted reactions.

Duration of Use

You need to consider also how long the collar can protect your cat. Find a product that will last longer that you don’t have to buy one frequently. Choose a collar that could last for a month. But if you can find a collar that could last up to eight months, the better. This type of collars is more convenient and is of great value.


Some are not concerned about the price as they are willing to spend on their cats. But, for those who are on a budget, price is a significant factor. You can find a collar that does not cost that much but with all the useful features.


Get a collar made of smooth and soft material. Some cats owners may try to use a necklace that is made of tough materials. However, most of the cats get a scar on their necks. Also, cats are notorious with pawning and, most of the time, get their necks scratch using the hind legs. A loose collar can get tangle with the cat’s leg. It can tear the soft skin portion of their hind legs if the material of the collar is rough.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

How To Choose The Top Flea Control Method?

Choose the flea control method that is comfortable for your cat and easy to use. One of the best methods recommended by a veterinarian is by using a flea collar.

A flea collar is placed on your cat’s neck, so the continued flow of flea is preventive. Most of the collars work for a couple of months. A popular flea collar for cats includes the Seresto, which protects for up to 8 months.

The Seresto flea collar eliminates the flea before it could suck the blood of your cat. It is a premium solution when it comes to tick and fleas.

What Are The Best Features Of Seresto Cat Collar?

A Seresto cat collar is easy to use. It does not emit any unpleasant odor. This cat collar can give protection to your pet cat up to 8 months continuously. The collar is stretchable, so it will not hurt or tear your cat’s neck. At first, the cats may feel uncomfortable wearing the collar and would try to remove it. But, eventually, they will feel comfortable wearing it.

The collar is made of soft and smooth material. The ingredients are effective enough to kill the parasites before they could suck up your cat’s blood.

How Does Seresto Cat Collar work?

The Seresto Cat collar provides excellent protection against tick and flea for your cats. It does not matter how big or small your pet is. This collar can solve your parasites problem. This collar works best for cats, and most vets highly recommend it.

The mechanism of how this collar works is quite easy. It provides the best protection for the cat. Seresto collar was developed based on the novel blend of materials known as the polymer matrix, and it comes with two well-recognized and safe active ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, the two ingredients present in this collar are 10.1% imidacloprid and 4.5% flumenthrin. These ingredients make the fleas uncomfortable that they come latching on your cat. The dosage is quite high, but the effect will last up to 8 months.

Why choose the Seresto Cat Collar?

You do not need to apply any medications on the cat’s skin, unlike other treatments. These medications might stress your cat out and could be uncomfortable for your feline. Also, if they lick on the medication, it could endanger their health.

Seresto Cat Collar is easy to use. All you need to do is to place it on your cat’s neck, and it will work on eliminating the parasites right away. Also, you don’t have to change it every day as it will provide continued protection for eight months.

Most vets recommend this collar as it does not irritate your cat and has no side effects. But, it is always best to ask expert advice before using any product on your pet. According to vets, the chemicals on it are safe for your cat.

Also, it does not leave any weird smell on the cat’s fur, unlike ointments or medications. It does not provide any greasy feeling, as well.

Seresto collar comes with a quick-release mechanism. The cat will not have any problem moving. You will not have any difficulty adjusting it so your cat can move freely. Thus, your cat will not feel suffocated wearing it. In addition to this, the collar has reflector clips that can make your cat visible at night.

Can I Remove Seresto Collar at Night

Seresto Dog Flea and Tick Collar is safe even if your pet sleeps beside you. It underwent thorough testing to make sure that it is safe for pets and humans. So, there is no need to remove the collar at night. You can remove the collar when you bring your pet to a grooming salon. And put it back once you get home. The collar is safe even when your dog is playing with other pets in the household. Keeping it always in your dog’s neck will give you peace of mind that your pet is protected against fleas and tick. Once the collar is opened it will last up to 8 months.


After reviewing the Seresto cat collar, it is safe to say that it is one of the best parasite collars for cats in the market. Although there are other ways to get rid of the ticks and fleas from your cat’s skin, most of them are troublesome.

The topical medications are quite helpful. But if you want low maintenance and highly effective method, then this collar is the best option. You can compare the Seresto cat collar to other products out there, but none will be able to equal or surpass it.

So, if you want to get rid of your cat’s tick and fleas without real rolex submariner vs fake putting your cat’s health in danger, the Seresto cat collar is the best option.

If you have questions or inquiries about the product, you can write them on the comment box.

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