Stella and Chewy Cat Food Reviews

In this article, we are going to focus specifically on stella and chewy wet cat food reviews, which is the number one meal for your cat. This guide will give you all the insights that you will need to feed your cat, the advantages of the foods, the health benefits, the cost, and any other incidental information that you have been looking for. This article is going to review a number of products, sufficient enough for you to choose the best chewy food for your cat. You need to go through this article because it is rich in information that is necessary for your decision-making.

The origin

Stella and chewy cat food is concerned about the cat’s foods and the welfare of the cat in general. It’s history dates back to the year 2003 when the company founder Marie Moody adopted a cat and a dog named Chewy. One of the pet had contracted a condition that necessitated the owner to prepare raw food. The intention of the owner was to bring the situation under control. It helps him manage the condition of the pet. Many people noticed that it worked well, and to date, several people feeds these foods to their cats and dogs, and yes they are very healthy.

3 Stella and Chewy Cat Food Comparison

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6 Stella and Chewy Cat Food Reviews 2021

1. Stella Freeze Dried Chicken Morsels Grain Free

Stella & Chewy's

If you always prefer to stock your cat food in bulk, you will need to consider going for this brand. It has a long shelf life and the food already being freeze dried can lost for long under the normal room temperature.

This kind of food does not go bad easily. It can serve you for as long you do not let it overstay in the shelve. Its ingredients are fantastic and it will make your cat to thrive again, and eat like it was before.

This food is highly digestible by your cat. It is also best suited for cats that are prone to food sensitivities. The taste too is unmatched; it will even appeal to the pet that is so choosy in its food. Your cat will love and enjoy, and it would always want to eat more and more.

This food improves the general health of your cat, including bones, teeth and the gums. This is because of the presence of the natural enzymes in the foods that work towards the restoration of the strength of the bones and the teeth. The other merit about this food is that it is laden with fiber that has the ability to keep the mouth of your pet clean and fresh.

It has the ability to build and maintain the strong muscles of your cat. This enables your pet to improve its own immunity naturally, building its stamina and ability to endure any health challenges. It is laden with pure natural nutrients to maintain the healthy weight of your cat. It lacks the carbohydrates that tend to increase the weight of your cat; hence it is so perfect for keeping its body fit.

Basically, this is a good stuff for your cat.  The raw nature of the food is the best kind of meal that your cat deserves, for a better health system of your cat.

2. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Yummy

Stella & Chewy's

One of the best attribute about Stella chewy food is the fact that it comes raw, healthy and nutritious. This is one of the best meals a cat would love to have. It is made from fish, chicken and other components for a proper dietary health benefits and proper eating, as intended. This food also come freeze dried for freshness and durability. Your cat will enjoy the full benefits of this food.

If your cat is suffering from problems/conditions such as immunity, digestion, appetite, allergies and many others, then you should consider feeding it with this food. It comes packed with ingredients which are naturally and responsibly sourced for a healthy immune system. Also it has antioxidants which are meant to clean the digestive and organ system of your cat. It is also responsible for healthy strong bones and teeth.

Stella Freeze Dried was made bearing in mind the nest interest of your cat. The food is highly digestible without any side problems. It is well suited for the cats that have sensitive stomach, with poor digestive problem. The food is has a high rich protein content meat. This therefore provides Stella food and a high nutrition meal for your cat.

This food has no known side effects as they are made of all-natural components which minimally or not even processed at all. This is because foods are better when they remain in their natural form. It doesn’t contain any added preservatives, fillers or even grains. In fact, it is a whole meal that a cat would love to eat. It is also a balanced meal that can be enjoyed by the cats all stages of their life.

Finally, your cat needs a strong health system, and there is no other food that is committed to supporting the immune system of your cat as Stella & Chewy. This meal is guaranteed for the betterment of your cat’s happiness. It supports the cat’s health and immune system.

3. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw 

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw

This food is specifically made for the dogs and other pets like cat. This is a whole meal that your pet will enjoy. It is a healthy grain free with all natural ingredients, which has not been processed at all, or just processed sparingly. It has high protein content without added preservatives, fillers, antibiotics and other undesired contents. The food is made to supplement the entire life of your cat.

This food is meant to help your cat grow in a healthy way. The food has a long life stay in the shelve meant to cushion you against feeding poisonous food to your cat. This is a perfect food for small and growing cat. It gives them zeal and strength as they keep on feeding on the Freeze-Dried Raw Stella food.

The food is made from the local content meaning that the producers have a good knowledge of its target customer. The materials used in the manufacture are of high quality, locally bred and locally sourced. No imported content that might be harmful to your cat. The meal is nutritious made from local chicken which have not been caged, but roam free to collect the best natural food. This is eventually transferred to your cat once the chicken is transformed to cat food.

Like the other Stella food, this meal is easily digestible, soft for the cat stomach, gets rid of allergies from the cat, makes the skin look vibrant and shiny, strong bones and teeth and makes the cat look healthy. It improves immunity and supports the cat’s health system in general.

This food is readily available on order. You can order it in your nearest shop as well as online. This means that even in times of emergency, your cat will not lack what to eat, but rather will have something to eat because of availability.

4. Stella and Chewy’s Dried Super Blends

Stella & Chewy's Dried Meal Mixer Super Blends

Is your cat so choosy when it comes to meal times? Does it have problems with eating and digestion? Well here lies the solution to those problems. This food is made to suit any cat & cat, with any kind of condition. With its natural ingredients, this is ideally the best deal for your pet.

The material used in manufacture is locally sourced, meaning it is a high quality food that will keep your pet healthy and vibrant. The food comes raw to give your pet a taste of nature in its food. This is meant to make the dog, cat eat well, without any problem.

The most unique feature about this food is the addition of other consumables such as the fruits and vegetables. These are some of the essential things that your pet needs for an improved health system. These fruits and vegetables supply your cat with the most vital nutrients that are not available through the normal raw food.

This food is wonderful for weigh management of your pet. It supports the cat’s healthy digestion system, giving it the most vibrant skin, healthy teeth, gums and bones. Also it improves its stamina and vitality. It makes the cat healthy all round.

Apart from the duck recipe, it also has a meal mixer that boosts the natural nutrition giving your cat a taste that it will always crave to have. The flavor is best for your cat. It will always wish to have intervals between meals shortened.

This food will support and improve the immunity of your cat, and it will remain to be strong and healthy. The cat will have the chance of enjoying the raw meals in a taste of nature.

Finally, the meal can be bought anywhere in your locality, at a cheap price. It can be consumed for quite some time without going bad. However, care must be taken so as to ensure that you do not feed your cat with the food that has overstayed in the shelve.

5. Stella and Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch

Stella & Chewy'S Carnivore Crunch

For the better health of your dog, this is the meal to go for. With its ability to support an excellent health system in your dog, this is the ultimate choice to go for. It will cause the appetite of your dog to be improved, it aids and eases digestion in your dog, it clears infections and allergies in your sensitive dog, it improves the skin health, it strengthen the bones and the gums, makes the mouth of the dog clean and fresh all the time.

This dog food is wholesome and consists of natural nutrition, which is the favorite of any dog. The raw diet purely consists of pure natural ingredients and high quality protein so that the dog can enjoy the food as natural as possible. This natural rich food will make your dog to thrive and be happy. It makes its immunity and healthy system to be excellent.

The raw materials used in preparing this food make it the best meal for your pet. It contains proteins, fat, fiber and moisture that is the ultimate mix of ingredients for your pet. For accuracy of goodness and freshness, this food is made in small batches from some of the best natural ingredients, locally sourced from the local market.

Your dog deserves the best of the best. This meal can be sourced locally or even online. Like the other entire sister brands, this dog meal have a relatively long shelve live. The meal is crunchy, a taste that the dog really loves.  All the recipes used in the manufacture are organic certified, extracted from the local trusted farmer.The recipes are very simple to make and they are also pure. They have a high protein meat, coupled with high quality grain-free nutrition is the ultimate meal for your pet; it will feed on it as if they were in the field.

6. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze and Dried Super Mixers

Stella & Chewys Freeze Dried Super Mixers Variety Pack (1) Chicken Mixer (1) Beef Mixer (1) Salmon Mixer (1) Pet Paws Heart Notepad (3.5oz each)

This is a highly delicious meal for any pet to enjoy. With its natural ingredients, this is the ultimate meal for any pet, to feel as if it is eating in the wild. The food is raw and tastes very natural.

The goodness ranges from the local extraction of raw materials which are 100 percent pure and organic meaning your pet will have access to highly healthy and tasty meal. Furthermore, with its fry dry technology, this food can last for quite some time and be used over and over again. However, care must be taken because if the food is contaminated by mistake, it may be harmful to your dog. The dog may not die but may just experience some diarrhea.

Another positive attribute is that the meal is soft and can be digested easily by the dog. It provides the dog with a very healthy digestive system, immunity system, strong organs and a great look.

This food is made to cover all the stages that your dog s going through, right from being a kid/puppy/kitten to when it becomes a senior pet. And this food is readily available especially when sourced online, where delivery takes the shortest time to arrive, meaning that your dog is less likely to starve in the event that you fail to order when the stocks in your shelve falls low.

This food remains fresh over a longer period of time. This implies that your pet will always enjoy the natural taste of nature.  It will happily consume its meal as if it captured it directly from the wild.

This food is meant to strengthen the bones and the teeth of your dog, the feeding system, the immunity system, the skin, hair and fur. This is a complete whole meal that will revitalize your pet for greatness.

Buyer’s Guide For Stella and Chewy Cat Food

Before buying stella & chewy cat food you need to consider the following things:

Nutritional content

Your pet needs a balanced diet that can keep it healthy over its life time. It is always important to understand the preferences of your cat before introducing it to any meal. It is also a good idea to consult your vet to understand the specific need that your pet is geared to. Once you get to know all the above, the next important thing is to source the meal that is equipped with the nutritional content that your pet deserves.

Stella food provides almost similar content hence it won’t be hard for you to make a selection. Stella food is 100% made of natural ingredients, minimally processed, and your pet will have a taste as if it were eating in the wild after hunting.

Nature of the condition your pet is suffering from

Different pets have different conditions. Others exhibit poor digestion; others have sensitive stomach while others have suffer from skin problem. The conditions are diverse hence different kind of food has different inhibiting habits for your pet. As usual, get an expert advice from your vet on the best meal for your cat or the cat. Though the nutritional content is almost similar, the Stella and Chewy food can supplement each other.

Durability and guarantee

You won’t need to put your money in to the purchase of the products that cannot last long. This may easily result to spoilage, leading to wastage and increasing costs. On the other hand, you may end up poisoning your pet if you accidentally feed your pet with spoilt/expired food.

To mitigate the above, you will therefore need to invest in the foods that have a long shelve life, which can withstand the room temperature with ease. You will also need to buy the food do not get spoilt once opened, rather it should have the ability to withstand the surrounding environment, and that it can be used to feed your pet more than once.

The cost

Always consider the cost before buying any pet food. Other brands are sold at a premium while others are sold at a lower price. The common assumption is that the higher the price, he better the quality of the food and vice versa. However, it is not always a guarantee that when you buy the most expensive meal, you will get the best thing for your pet, neither when you buy the cheapest, your pet will get the poor quality food. Price and nutritional value may not go in tandem. You will therefore need to do a research before buying your pet a food.

On the other hand, the nutritional value of the food and the specific needs of your pet should guide your purchase, and not the product cost.

Availability of the food locally

You may feel good to get your food from international sources that are a good thing, but consider incidental events. Make your pet to get used of the locally available food which can be easily accessed as and when need arises. It is easier to replenish your food stock with local or national supplies as compared to the international supplies whereby it may take more than a day or two to have your order delivered.

Another challenge with importing pet’s food is that different countries use different standards when making the food supplies. What may be considered unhealthy in your home country could be the best in another country. A good example is the genetically modified foods. GMOs are accepted as good in one country but not good in other territories.

As you therefore shop for the supplies for your pet, always consider local sources, keeping in mind that the food from other territories could be exactly what your pet needs.

Ease of preparation

Basically, feeding your pet could be a task being undertaken by some few people, probably the members of your family. It should therefore be easy for anyone who feeds your dog to prepare the meal for the pet. You won’t need your pet to feed on the poorly prepared meal, which may cause it to develop some problems such as digestion and excretion.

In the worst, it may come to dislike the food that has always fed on. Always consider purchasing food that has well labeled instructions on how to prepare and feed your pet. Keep the manual for reference whenever you are not sure of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Can the Stella and chewy cat food be warmed or cooked in a microwave?

No. The Stella and Chewy cat food should not be warmed or cooked with a microwave. To keep the nutritional value, it is good to keep the food as natural as possible. It won’t be prudent to eliminate the important raw diet by cooking it prior to serving. Furthermore, Stella and Chewy cat food have some ground bone.

Though raw bone is uncommonly secure and an important part of a cat’s or cat’s diet, it becomes crumbly and can smash when cooked. This poses an undesirable risk to your pet! In other words, you should not cook up all the goodies that boost the health of your pet.

I have both a dog and a cat as my pets. Can use these products interchangeably?

Actually, this is one of the common questions asked by pet owners. It is recommendable to use a product that was meant particularly for a dog or cat. While the Stella and Chewy cat food is not detrimental for a cat, they don’t give the much-needed balanced nutritional demands of a cat either. You may want to give the cat food to your cat as well. However, wouldn’t you think of giving them what their bodies need most for the best results?

Is Stella and Chewy’s food for cats enough or do I need to supplement it with extra supplements?

Really, there is no need. Stella and Chewy’s food for cats is made to be balanced and perfect. As long as you are utilizing the products are required, additional supplements should be the last thing think of.

Is Stella and Chewy’s fit for diabetic pet (cat)?

There are various reports that most pet owners have noticed that their pets grow vigorously on a raw diet due to moderate carbohydrate content. Still, you need to note that every pet is unique hence it’s necessary to seek your vet’s advice to determine the ideal diet for your specific cat.


With all the above information on the Stella and Chewy food, it is now your opportunity to try it with your cat. This article is meant to guide on how to select the best food for your pet. Always observe cleanliness when handling your cat food, and be careful not to contaminate.

Always involve your vet where necessary. Remember to give your cat the best care by feeding it with the best meal always. This guide will always remain your one stop centre for all the information that you will need to know about the cat foods, as well as the new emerging products and improvements. I hope that it will be a great resource to you. Give your pet the best.

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