Types of Nail Clippers

The aspect of cats scratching thing is instinctual. So it is normal for them to scratch around the house. With this in mind, you then need to trim their nails to reduce the damages they may cause. Therefore, you will need a better nail clipper for this action. To take care of your cat’s nails well you should get a type of clipper you can use with ease. This article has helped you with the four types of nail clippers from which you can choose from.

Why Cat Nail Clipper?

  • To avoid infections

Trimming of the cat’s nails will benefit both the owner and the cat. This is because if you allow the nails to grow unchecked. It will curl back into the pads of the cat’s paws. And this will lead to infections and cause pain to your cat. Another reason is that if your cat’s claws got stuck on clothes or fibrous surfaces. It can cause the cat’s paw to twist in the cause of pull it out. And this situation is very dangerous and harmful. Besides, trimming the cat’s sharp nails will help to keep home furniture neat. And not being scratched on by your cat’s paws. This will prevent them from harming you as an owner or other people with it.

  • To prevent the cat from being harmed

Clipping of the cat’s nails has sometimes been a big challenge. That is at times requires some skills. Now that you have decided and prepared to have the nails of your cat cut. And you have acquired enough training, then the next thing is to get a better type of nail clipper. Or better still, a cat nail clipper that you feel the best fit your cat. Know that if you are to maintain your cat’s claws, it must be an effortless act. This is because if it turns difficult or rough, you might end up causing harm to the cat. For this reason, you have to select a better type of nail clipper to make the process smooth. And benefits both you and your cat.

  • To create a high living standard for your cat

Getting a nail clipper if the high standard for your cat will give you a positive result and experience when trimming. The problem now is choosing the right nail clipper. And this is a serious part of the trimming process. If you get a nail clipper that is well designed and sharp trimming will be quick and smooth. But if otherwise, and you get a nail clipper that is not well made. It will make it difficult to trim the cat’s nails. It might even develop a fault when using it. And this will only cause your uneasiness or make your cat lose patience.

Types of cat nail clipper

There are various designs of a nail clipper to choose from. And out of all these designs, they are being categorized into four types. Therefore, it is advisable to do your research and pick the best one for your cat.

  1. Scissor Style

This types of nail clippers for cat looks exactly like the normal pair of scissors. It can be said that that is where its name comes from. The only difference is that this nail clipper has a notch that helps hold the claws when snipping. This scissors-type has very short jaws and it too is round. This is to keep your cat safe. A beginner can use this nail clipper with ease. This is the type of nail clipper approved majorly for beginners. It will allow you easily to trim the right part of the cat’s nail. And with minimal accident cut on the cat’s paws. The only complaint against this type of nail clipper is its handle size. It is said that the size of the handles is small for people with larger hands.

  1. Pliers Style

As the name implies ‘Plier’. This type of nail clipper has long and comfortable handles. It looks like a pair of Plier. You can hold them with ease and are comfortable to use. They are very strong. This clipper is made perfect to trim the nails of a cat that are heavy and thick. The Plier style is also a perfect tool for a beginner and experienced people can make use of it.

  1. Guillotine Style

This type of clipper has a loop that allows your cat’s claw to pass through. And the blade will pass through the loop to cut off the nail. This type of nail clipper works like the normal guillotine tool. With the guillotine style trimmer, you can easily make controlled angle cuts. It is easy to use and it cuts the cat’s nail quickly, without the cat feeling anything.

However, this type of nail clipper has some deficiencies. One of them is that its blades wear out quickly. So you have to replace them regularly. Another thing is that you find it a bit difficult to see the exact place you want to cut. This clipper is best handled by professionals.

  1. Electric Grinder

This nail trimmer makes use of electricity. With these types of nail clippers, you will be able to maintain your cat’s nails. You will trim quickly and with ease. This electric grinder has a spinning grinder head which helps to smoothen the edges of the nail. So you don’t need to file them later on.

The only problem you can encounter with this trimmer is its noise. And it might scare the cat away. So allow your cat to get used to the sound before you start using it.


Several types of nail clippers have been mentioned here. Which includes, scissors style, Plier style, Guillotine style, and the electric grinder. Each of these nail clippers has been explained in detail and what you need to know before getting one. The scissors style, Plier style can be used easily by both beginners and professionals. But, the guillotine style and the electric grinder are reserved for the professionals. So, to make yourself and your cat comfortable when trimming go for the clipper you can use best. Taking proper care of your cat is a kind of love for your feline.

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