Wellness Core Cat Food Reviews

Although cats have a reputation for being rugged and independent. The reality is that they are animals that need a lot of love. It is essential to ensure their well-being so that your pet is happy, healthy, and full of vitality. Making your cat feel at home is majorly about choosing appropriate cat food, among many other things. Among the best brands that produce cat food is Wellness Core. In this wellness core cat food review, we would be looking at 7 of their top products. This also contains a buying guide at the end.

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7 Wellness Core Cat Food Guide & Reviews 2021

1. Wellness Natural Indoor Chicken 

 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Indoor Chicken & Turkey Recipe, 11-Pound Bag

Most cats enjoy staying indoors. As such, they could be limited in the number of things they can do. Most of the time they are laying around or curled up beside you as you work or watch TV. This level of inactivity or lack of exercise could pose a problem for your cat.

Your cat could become overweight. As you know, this could be dangerous for the health of your cat. To help you out, here comes this Wellness dry cat food.

This Wellness Core Natural dry cat food contains 20% less fat than the standard formula. That it contains less fat does not mean that the quality is lower than that of others. This cat meal still contains the minimum amount of protein content required for your cats to grow well.

The protein of choice in this meal include deboned chicken, chicken, and turkey meal. Some packages contain turkey and duck meals.

In addition to that, the fat in this meal contains an essential ingredient which is omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are important because they help to keep the appearance of your cat or kitten smooth and shining.

Aside from less fat, the meal also contains 5% fiber. This aids proper digestion in your cat. It also helps to keep your cat fully satisfied after every meal.

You should get this meal product off the shelf if your cat suffers from joint problems. This meal contains extra ingredients like chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. These ingredients help to strengthen your cat’s joints.

This dry indoor cat food is not expensive. You can get an 11-pound bag for less than $50.


  • Amazing taste for your cat
  • Contains low level of fat
  • Does not contain any artificial ingredients


  • Since it is dry food, you need to provide extra moisture for your cat

2. Wellness Core Natural Original dry 

WELLNESS CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Original Turkey & Chicken

This product is similar to the dry cat food meal listed above. They are almost identical and the telling difference is that the one above contains less fat. The Wellness Core Natural Original dry cat food is one of the best dry cat foods in the market.

It helps to promote the fine growth of your cat. The nutrients in this product leave the furs and skin of your cat healthy. However, this product is for adult cats and not pregnant cats or kittens. Adult cats, unlike pregnant cats and kittens, do not have special dietary requirements.

The Wellness Core Natural Original dry cat food is rich in nutrients and made with quality ingredients.

The high protein levels in this meal are perfect for cats that do not necessarily engage in such activity. Your cats can eat this and still not get overweight provided they do other things than lie around.

Essential vitamins and minerals present in this meal aid the eyesight of your cat. With this, you do not have to worry about frequent trips to the vet. The minerals and vitamins help to strengthen the gums and teeth of your cat as well.

Fatty acids like Omega-3 and 6 also help to boost the immune system of your cat. This makes your cat a little fluffy ball of energy with enough strength to run and jump.

With a quick look at the product’s package, you would notice the ingredients of the protein content of the meal. These ingredients are deboned chicken and turkey. These are delicious and you can be sure that your cat would find it to be a delight.

The package comes in a big bag that can serve your cat for many rounds if kept properly. The price is fair for the quality and quantity of food that you would get.


  • High-quality protein content
  • Rich fats (Fatty acids like Omega-3 and 6)
  • Comes in a big bag


  • Might cause indoor cats to become overweight

3. Wellness Core Natural Turkey & Duck Dry 

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food Turkey & Duck

Although cats are friendly and cute, they still have nutritional needs that are similar to that of their cousins. Cats eat many things, but for their nutrition to be complete, they need to eat protein. This is so because they are carnivores.

What better way to give them protein than through turkey and duck dry food?

This Wellness Core Natural turkey & duck dry cat food can become an integral part of your cat’s life. This product contains enough meat and protein content that guarantees the growth of your cat.

It also adds vitamins, minerals, fat, and probiotics for extra points.

This dry cat food from Wellness core is also grain-free. Here is why.

Considering the digestive design of cats, grains should not be in their diet. However, since your cat lives at home with you, you could be carried away and feed it some grains. This can harm your cat and cause allergies. That fear is no more with this product from Wellness Core.

The product contains ingredients like turkey and duck combined with real vegetables. These ingredients combine to provide your cat with an adequate amount of nutrients and calories per serving.

Indoor cats do not engage in many activities, so having a product that provides the proper calorie intake is important. This helps you know how much food you should give your cat to prevent obesity.

Contrary to what you would find in the market, this meal does not contain meat by-products and artificial flavors. Instead, what you have is a big bag full of all-natural food that your cat would enjoy.

Although this meal contains some vegetable or plant-based fillers, it is nothing to worry about. You can still be sure that you are getting your money’s worth of quality products.


  • This meal is grain-free
  • Filled with meat (Turkey and Duck) as the main ingredients
  • Aids proper digestion in your cats


  • Cats might not like the taste

4. Wellness Core Natural Wet Canned 

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food Indoor Chicken & Chicken Liver

Dry cat foods are great but they do not provide everything that your cat needs. That is why you also need to include wet food in their diet.

Cats, as you know, hunt for their food unless they are kept indoors. Since they are indoors, you as their owner have to provide these nutrients in the food you give them.

Choosing the right food meal is the best way to provide your cat with the nutrients that it needs. Out of the many great choices from Wellness Core, comes this wet canned cat food mix.

This one comes with chicken and chicken liver as the main ingredients. These ingredients make sure that your cat does not lack in protein food content.

If your cat is always indoors then this is a great choice for you. You do not have to worry about calorie intake. Wellness Core takes into account that your indoor cats have a less active lifestyle. As such, the calories per serving is low when you compare it to other brands of cat food.

Aside from proteins, this meal also contains fiber, fat, and carbohydrates. These all combine to make up a balanced meal for your cat.

You would notice this is a wet type of cat food. As such, it aids hydration and a healthy urinary tract function for your cat.

With this meal, you never have to choose between great taste and nutrition for your cat. With most brands, what you get for a great taste is what you lose in nutrition and vice versa. This is not the case with this wet canned food from Wellness Core Natural.

Your cat is sure to get fresher after you feeding this meal to it for a while. This product is best for adult cats.

Many might consider this meal pricey. However, the delight on your cat’s face after every meal makes it worth the price.


  • High moisture content
  • Many cats find it delicious
  • Aid digestion & Grain-free


  • A bit pricey

5. Wellness Core Natural Turkey & Duck canned 

 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food Turkey & Duck

When it comes to pampering your cat, there is nothing better than providing wet cat food. That is why you should know about this amazing wet cat food product from Wellness Core.

It comes with a mix of flavor that your cat would love. Most cats are used to the chicken flavor and it could get boring for them sometimes. You can switch it up with this one. Turkey and Duck are the main protein sources in this package.

Each serving of this meal contains all the nutrients your cat needs to grow well and remain healthy.

Its ingredients include mineral substances, sugars, vegetable by-products, animal by-products, vitamin A and D, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, and others.

The brand offers only natural products, so you do not have to worry about your cat ingesting chemicals. The moist nature of the meal also helps to aid hydration.

Since your cat would be mostly indoor, chances of it getting fatter are minima. Thanks to the low-calorie count of this meal.

This meal contains crude fiber of up to 1%. This helps the digestion of your cat and prevents vomiting. Your cat dining on this meal guarantees that it has fresh skin and fur. Some vets even recommend this product for feline diabetes and weight loss.

Although it is not one of the cheapest options, the ingredients are worth it.


  • It is moist so it offers a delicate and delicious sensation
  • Easy to open


  • Expensive

6. Wellness Core Rawrev Original meal recipe

WELLNESS CORE Rawrev Original Deboned Turkey, Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe, 10 lb Bag

If you are a cat owner that has been looking for a dry cat meal. Those that can rival most wet canned meals. Then, my friend, you are in the right place.

Most times, wet cat food beat dry cat food when it comes to protein content. However, that is not the case with this meal.

This product offers abundant protein options for your feline friend. Right from the packaging, you would notice different. You would notice that this product contains 100% filler-free, freeze-dried raw turkey liver bits.

This extra ingredient is great for many reasons. One reason is that it is filler-free. This means that Wellness Core does not use unhealthy fillers to make the bag heavier. Instead, they use these raw turkey liver bits.

Another reason why it is great is that turkey contains rich nutrients. This makes it a good option for not only adult cats but kittens too.

Many cat-owners like you rightly do not want to deal with the mess and expense that come from raw/dry food. With this product from Wellness Core, you do not have to worry. The meal is not pricey for a 10lb. bag. The size of the bites also limits the amount of mess your cat can make.

Digestion problems are nothing to worry about too because the product is grain-free. Moreover, with the quality, you expect from Wellness Core. This product contains no artificial content like wheat and gluten. It is all-natural.


  • Contains high protein bites of freeze-dried turkey liver
  • Does not contain any grains
  • Rich in vitamins, fatty acid, and minerals


  • Contains high carbohydrate content

7. Wellness Core Signature Selects Canned 

Wellness Core Signature Selects Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food Flaked Skipjack Tuna & Shrimp

Does your cat prefer fish to meat or chicken? If yes, then Wellness Core has something for you and your cat.

Right from the packaging of this product, you can tell that your cat would enjoy this. The package features pictures of tuna and shrimp with some veggies on a chopping board.

Once you open the can. A pool of neatly chopped tuna and shrimp pieces in a broth-based sauce meets your eye. This sauce is so delicious that your cat would beg you for more.

The design of the can is simple. It is easy to open. All you need to do is pick up the can and lift the lever on top of it. This design reduces the risk of you getting an injury. Once the can is open, you can empty the delicious content into your cat’s fishbowl.

You might have to mix it with a little bit of water. So that you get a consistent mix for older cats. This is because older cats might need a little help with digesting the fish chunks. Younger cats, on the other hand, love it straight from the pack.

This product too, like every other product from Wellness Core, is grain and artificial additives free. All the ingredients here are natural. It also contains a bit of fiber that aids the digestion of your cat.

This Wellness Core Signature Select mix is cheaper in contrast with the ones that contain meat or chicken. Considering that fish and shrimps make up this product, you can expect to see bones in your cat’s food bowl.

Online reviews attest to the fact that cats love this product.


  • Cats love the taste
  • Contains zero artificial ingredients
  • Enough moisture that aids digestion


  • Might contain fish scales and bones
  • Older cats might not like the large chunks

Buyer’s Guide For Wellness Core Cat Food

It is logical to want to pamper a cat as it deserves. Hence, it is essential to select the right food. In this way, the animal will grow healthy and strong and you can enjoy its company much longer. We encourage you to consult these wellness core cat food reviews guide. To buy the best cat food and attend to the needs of the pet itself.

These are the aspects that you should consider when buying:

Age of Cat

The first element to take into account when selecting cat food is its age. Not surprisingly, each stage of its development requires specific nutrients. Therefore, take a good look at the food packaging to know the cat age it is for.

Generally, there are 3 cat age ranges. Cats up to 12 months old, cats between 1 and 7 years old, and cats older than 7 years old. Cats (Kittens) that only have months of life are in the lactating phase, hence they need different food than adults. Usually, at this age, they need cat food that favors healthy development and growth. As well as providing the necessary energy.

When they are over a year old, it is time to give the cat the exact nutrients. So that it does not have any food deficiency. For this reason, foods for this age group contain the ideal ingredients to satisfy their nutritional needs.

Finally, cats from 7 years of age are considered to be in the adult phase. This means that they will need a specific diet to avoid the risk of suffering from specific disorders of these ages. Such as intestinal and digestive problems, obesity, urinary diseases, etc.

Cat food ingredients

Taking an interest in how much cat food costs is logical. Although it is also essential to make sure that it contains good quality ingredients. In the market, you will find various brands and types of food for the cat. Although you should know in advance, what their needs are, to choose the most suitable.

For this reason, a cat food comparison should always include this section. Since the ingredients will depend on whether the animal is ingesting the suitable nutrients or not.

To increase the energy of the cat, it is recommended that the basic ingredient of the product is food. Whether of animal origin, that is, meat or fish. Also, the packaging should reflect at all, times which animal it comes from: chicken, salmon, tuna, etc. It is usual that among the components of the food in question we find cereals or flour, among others. If possible, try to select a food whose percentage of cereals is not too high. As it is a clear indicator of the quality of the product.

Finally, some preservatives like BHT or BHA could be harmful to the cat. So make sure that they are not on the ingredient list.

Cat Food Moisture

Another detail related to cat food is its higher or lower humidity. This is classified into a wet and dry feed. Neither is better than the other, so the choice is more suited to the cat’s tastes and preferences.

Wet food may be the most appropriate for those cats not very fond of drinking water. This means that, while eating this type of food, the need to drink water is covered naturally.

Whatever your choice, remember that you should consider how and where you store food so that it remains intact.

Packaging and size of cat food

A final aspect to consider is the packaging and presentation of the food. Dry meals are normally presented in bags and / or packages that facilitate their dispensing. As for the size, this will depend on the needs of your cat. Since these foods can be kept for longer in perfect condition. You may want to buy a package that contains more (between 10 and 15 kg, for example).

Regarding wet food, the most common form of presentation is canned, between 400 and 500 grams. This size is ideal so that the food does not spoil.


As a cat owner, you want what is best for your cat. You want it to be healthy and vibrant. We have reviewed some of the best products from one of the best cat food brands in the market. These meals provide your cat with all the nutrients that they need.

I recommend these cat foods (dry and wet) from Wellness Core as they give a rich return on investment. Made with natural products and original protein sources, your cat would thank you, if only they could talk.

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