What is a Cat Litter

When you have a cat or other domestic animals in the house, you will need to set aside a point for them to excrete. This cannot be on the floor or in some open place in the house. These animals cannot use the toilet. For them, there is a special waste collection box called cat litter. And what is the price of this litter box? Well, in this article, we are going to look at the specification and the pricing. We are also going to look at the materials used to make it. Follow through for more information.

What is cat litter?

A cat litter is a waste collection box mainly used by cats in the house. Wastes include both feces and urine. It can also be used by other domestic animals for collecting waste. Such animals are rabbits, small dogs, and even pigs.

What is it made of?

It can be made using several materials such as sawdust, wheat chaff or pine. Other plant products can work well too. A small box can be filled with sawdust and it can work well as a litter. There are many options and choices on what to use to make the litter. With the evolution of technology, several other methods of making this box are bound to be discovered.

The importance of a cat litter?

The major importance of having a cat litter is to keep your house clean and free of animal waste. I am sure you won’t be happy when your house is filled with a strange smell from your pets. To use this item properly, cats have to be trained right from when they are kittens. They will eventually get used to using it.

What are the common types of litters?

Generally, there are many types of litters. However, the common ones used worldwide are:

  1. Natural litters – very common.
  2. Fuller’s earth, also known as non-clumping clay.
  3. Silica gel commonly referred to as the crystal litter.

Bentonite clay.

Are there alternatives to litter?

Yes, there are alternatives to the litter. In some instances, you may not have the material to make one, or finances to acquire one. You can have a home mad one. Alternatives include:

  1. Chicken feed.
  2. Wood shavings.
  3. Shredded newspaper amongst many others. The list is quite long.

Basically, anything that can hold the animal waste for some time before being disposed of safely is an alternative.

Are they safe for cats? Does it have any health issues?

Most of the litters are very safe, meaning it has no negative effect on the health of the cat. Homemade litters are safer. There are some brands sold in the market that are not safe, especially if used for long. These brands are laced with silica dust. This dust has the potential of damaging the respiratory organs of the cat or even human beings. Fragrances too in the cat litters can also be toxic to the cats. Fragrances are meant to dilute the smell from the cat’s waste. Lastly, the bentonite clay used in making the cat litter contains sodium. Sodium has chemical properties that are not healthy for the cat in the long run.

What is the cost of a cat litter?

Well, this is a general question. The pricing differs with regions and the materials used to make the litter. Durability and quality of the litter play a critical too in determining the pricing of the litter. Making one at home is not costly. However, those sold in the market attract some price. A 40 lb box, for example, is sold at an average price of $17.05. This price varies depending on the size of the litter. The above price is for a standard-sized litter, which measures about 18 x 24 inches. Smaller litters will attract a smaller price and the opposite is true.

In the market, however, there are those litters that cost up to $40 per lb. The choice is yours to look for an excellent one at a cheaper price. Litter doesn’t have to be expensive at all.


A cat litter is a box used to collect the cat’s waste, both feces, and urine. Materials used in making it vary widely. Others can even be made at home. Some litters have chemical components that are not friendly to the cat’s health in the long run. In fact, continuous exposure to these chemicals may prove to be harmful.

The pricing of the litter differs from region to region, with sizes amongst many other factors. There is no standard price, for even sellers would charge differently for the same item in different regions. Train your cat from early days on how to use the litter and it won’t forget it.

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