What to Feed a Nursing Cat

A nursing cat needs a special kind of meal that can supply it the much-needed nutrients, suitable for herself and her kitten. It is important to note that at this point, the kitten is almost fully dependent on the mother for all its nutritional needs, hence what the mother feeds on should be best suited for the kitten too. So what to feed a nursing cat?

What foods do you need to feed to your nursing cat?

When a cat is nursing, the chances of it being picky are too high. You will, therefore, need to have a combination of different foods, in a good quantity. You will particularly need to have both wet and dry food in stock. At one point, it may be desired to have wet food and another time dry. If she turns out to be choosy, then feed her canned tuna, chicken or even salmon. The food has to be of high quality.

What should be the frequency of feeding a nursing cat?

At this stage, kittens are at their growth stage. They depend entirely on their mother for all the feeding. The mum has to: therefore, eat a lot of good quality food, to comfortably sustain feeding its kittens. When the kittens are less than 3 weeks old, they will nurse almost every hour. Once they start hitting the fourth week, they reduce the dependence on their mom and start getting introduced to wet food.

Is milk good for a nursing cat?

Milk supplements other foods that you give to your cat. Milk alone won’t provide all the essential nutrients that your cat needs. If the meal is consumed by your cat is healthy, then milk may not be healthy for your cat.

What should I feed my pregnant cat with?

At this stage, you will need to provide your cat with the foods that will increase its weight. This is because when a mother cat is nursing, it rapidly loses weight due to overdependence by the kittens. To avoid this, during the last stages of the pregnancy, feed it more than normal to start gaining weight in preparation for delivery and breastfeeding. Take caution, however, that it may not grow overweight to the extent of having problems during delivery.

When your cat gives birth, she will need more calories in its system, because it uses the same in her kittens. You should, therefore, increase the portions of the food that you are feeding it with. You should also increase the frequency of feeding your cat.

How much should I feed my pregnancy cat?

While this is an inquiry of many, what you should know is that your cat’s food devour can change greatly during pregnancy. For the most part, it’s increased from one and a half to double their normal. Throughout development, she can show a moderate, constant gain in body weight and will start eating much. This should not be a surprise as it is normal to meet the pressure.

The changes to be witnessed is a result of body hormonal changes. The just like human beings, it is so in cats. The Hormonal and behavioral changes that occur during reproduction can lead to times when you are undereating, overeating, or in no way eating. In the event that there is an extended lack of appetite of totally, or when your cats body condition begins to deteriorate, seek advice from a veterinarian.

Your expert guy will always find a way of getting things to normal.

Do lactating cats have need special foods?

Yes. Not all foods are the same. There are those specifically meant for lactating cats. There are also foods formulated for cats at all stages of life. Some foods have been certified for use by lactating cats.

Moreover, lactating or pregnant cats need extra protein and carbohydrates so their bodies can adapt to the physical pressure. Most of the feeds for adult cats that you will find at your local store doesn’t provide the extra supplements needed.

So, it is ideal that you should find the right feed for your pregnant cat or the right feed for your kitten until it weans. The extra calories, calcium, and significant amounts of other important nutritional supplements are a decent way of satisfying your pregnant or lactating cat’s needs.

There are wider food brands that can meet the needs of your cat. These brands include Hill science, Royal Canin, Purina, and so forth.

Is it a wise idea to feed your nursing cat a high protein meal?

There is no problem feeding your cat high protein meal, in fact, it is beneficial. Protein is one of the most important food components that your cat requires. Proteins keep your cat healthy and provide much-needed nutrition to your kitten. If you find that your kittens always make a lot of noise, or move a lot, then it is a clear indication that their mother does not get enough protein, or it is lacking at all. Always ensure that your nursing cat gets enough protein all the time. Proteins also help the cat’s body to cope with physical stress.

Is it a wise idea to deworm nursing cats?

You should deworm pregnant cats during mating and immediately before giving birth, and then after every three months thereafter. Kittens should also be dewormed as often as possible.


Nursing cats should be fed with foods that are high in protein. Always maintain enough amount of food as you may need to feed your cat quite often. Remember to consult your vet when you realize that your nursing cat is not okay, or is not having a good appetite. You will also need your vet’s advice every time you want to introduce a new food range to your mommy cat and kitten. Pet-Ag Nursing Kit is a one-stop-shop where you can shop for all the foods that you will feed your cat with. There are food varieties that will give you a wide range to choose from.